Resume Template

A Complete Guide For HR Professionals

Your Name

(Phone #)-123-1234 | [email protected] | Address, postal code 

Choose a color or bolded font to highlight key details, such as your contact information, section headers, and job titles. 

Personal Profile:

The purpose of a personal profile section is to provide a summary of your key qualifications, skills, and attributes. Use this as an opportunity to grab the attention of employers and give them an overview of you as a professional! 

I am a dedicated and results-driven professional in [X field], known for my strong [key skills/qualities]. With a solid foundation in [area of expertise], I am committed to delivering exceptional [results] while continuously striving for excellence. 


Further Education | Start date – end date


City, Province

If you are currently attending school, indicate this by replacing the end date with the word “Present”. 




University of Alberta | September 2022 – Present


Edmonton, Alberta 

High School | Start date – end date


City, Province 

Distinctions and Awards:

Use this section to briefly highlight any awards and distinctions you have obtained. Make sure to include the year.

  1. Athlete Award, [Year]
  2. Honours with Distinction, High School, [Year]
  3. Subject Award, [Year]

Volunteer Experience:

Use this section to showcase your involvement in community service and not-for-profit work. This is a way to demonstrate your commitment to making a positive impact, beyond your professional responsibilities. 

Information Center, Organization | Start date – end date
  • Worked with others to provide information and helped guests resolve issues

Ensure that your experiences are listed in chronological order, with the most recent activity being listed first. In this case, the Information Center experience is more recent than the Student Council experience.

Student Council, School | Start date – end date
  • Voiced the concerns of my peers
  • Helped design and promote activities for students, thus promoting school community


This section of your resume is dedicated to pointing out your notable accomplishments and contributions. This can be used to differentiate yourself from other candidates. 

Fundraising Initiative | Start date – end date  
  • Participated in a city-wide event to fundraise for local charity
  • Volunteered to help the community in order to fundraise
  • Ultimately raised over $100 000, as a community, in support of this local charity
Senior Soccer Team | Start date – end date  
  • Active team member, achieved an undefeated regular season
  • Placed first in City championships, division 1

Work Experience: :

Youth Coordinator | Start date – end date  
  • Worked with young children to conduct a fair and fun game
  • Made on-the-spot decisions quickly and without bias
  • Enforced rules to promote a safe and fun environment

When highlighting work experience, ensure to describe the skills you used and gained through the occupation. By focusing on skills rather than the details of the job, you demonstrate relevance to other potential employers.

References :

Upon request.

Some individuals to contact to be your references include: former supervisors or managers, professors or academic advisors, and mentors or professional contacts. 

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