Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Our policy is to leverage diversity and practice inclusion to contribute to the achievement.

Resource Giant!!!

Centre For International Excellence (CFIE) is an educational and professional resource giant! Established in 2019, CFIE is a not-for -profit organization providing solutions to resource dilemma’s that hinders progress. We provide resources needed to drive educational and professional accomplishments. CFIE works with individuals and organizations within the community to organize resources; connect diverse populations to individual experts or organizations with the capacity to harness and develop their skills; and create a pathway for educational and professional advancement. We serve as a hub for the educational and professional resources needed for growth and advancement of diverse populations, especially people from the marginalized communities. Everyone is blessed with unique talents and skills that must be harnessed for continuous growth and development.


At Centre For Intellectual Excellence we recognize the value and advantages of having a diversified workforce. Centre For Intellectual Excellence seeks to promote an inclusive culture where employees and volunteers are encouraged to succeed to the best of their abilities. Diversity is about recognizing and valuing the contribution of employees from different backgrounds, with different capabilities, perspectives and experiences.


Centre For Intellectual Excellence embraces all employee differences including age, gender, ethnicity, and cultural background, and recognizes the benefits that diversity brings to deliver value to our shareholders, customers and the communities in which we operate.


Our policy is to leverage diversity and practice inclusion to contribute to the achievement of Centre For Intellectual Excellence’s strategic objectives by:


  1. Driving business performance and increasing competitiveness
  2. Helping to establish Centre For Intellectual Excellence as an employer of choice
  3. Recruiting, engaging and retaining a diverse team of talented people at Centre For Intellectual Excellence
  4. Bringing to life Centre For Intellectual Excellence’s culture and core values


Centre For Intellectual Excellence is committed to establishing and maintaining a diverse   and   inclusive workplace.  


 Our guiding principles are:


  1. We strive to create a workplace that embraces diversity and inclusiveness at every level of our organization.
  2. We respect and value the unique experiences and perspectives of our employees, regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, religious or political beliefs, disability or sexual orientation. 
  3. We believe that diversity is more than just a policy or a set of practices; diversity is a fundamental part of our organization culture and key to our long- term growth. 
  4. We treat co-workers with fairness and respect and will not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment based on differences of background or thought. 
  5. We create and ensure fair and equitable recruitment and compensation practices, and foster development and career progression based solely on performance and merit.

Practices and Policies:

  1.   Centre For Intellectual Excellence, in its efforts to achieve a diverse and inclusive workplace environment that is supportive of equal opportunity
  2.   And equal access to career development, remuneration and benefits has programs, practices and policies in place covering:
  3.   Recruitment, selection and promotion 
  4.   Remuneration 
  5.   Career development and performance
  6.   Talent management and succession planning
  7.   Mentoring
  8.   Flexible work practices

These programs, practices and policies supplement other human resource policies including Centre For Intellectual Excellence’s Code of Conduct.  

Local Conditions:

This policy must be read in conjunction with, and is subject to, the laws relating to employment, and the responsibilities, if any, of employers and employees in the many local environments in which Centre For Intellectual Excellence operates.

Gender Diversity:

Gender diversity is integral to Centre For Intellectual Excellence’s overall diversity strategy. Increasing the representation of women at senior levels is one of Centre For Intellectual Excellence’s ongoing priorities. Gender diversity related measurable objectives and the progress being made in achieving them will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Reporting :

Information regarding Centre For Intellectual Excellence’s Diversity and Inclusion policy, strategies and performance will be included in the Centre For Intellectual Excellence Annual Report. 

Review of Policy:

Management will conduct an annual review of this policy and discuss any required changes with the Human Resources Committee. The Committee will recommend any proposed changes to this policy to the Centre For Intellectual Excellence Limited Board for formal adoption. Approved by the Centre For Intellectual Excellence Limited Board on March 2nd, 2020.

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