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Dr Yvonne Kangong, MD is a keynote Speaker , mentor , advocate and community builder .She is a board-certified Family and obesity Medicine Dr in Calgary, Canada and holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Culinary Coaching Certificate from the Harvard CHEF Program. She is also a transformational and lifestyle coach.


She is a clinical lecturer with the Cummings School of Medicine, University of Calgary and received a teaching award in 2019 and other community awards. She is the founder of Breakers Health, a medical consultancy ,weight management and public speaking company, Co -owner of KFS BBQ Smokehouse . She is the Medical Director of the Mosaic Primary Care Network. She is on the advisory board of the Canadian Collaborative research network (CCRN) .

She is the author of the book ‘What’s Obesity Got To Do With It’? and co-author of ‘The Warrior Women Project’ A sisterhood of immigrant women. She is a wife and mother of 3.


She loves to volunteer and sees the potentials in everyone around her by helping them change their mindsets to a growth mindset. She is a “smile-laugh” machine and earned the name ‘giggles’ at some point in her life.


Email. [email protected]
LinkedIn, Facebook :Yvonne Kangong and Instagram @drkangong

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