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Centre For Intellectual Excellence, Connecting employers & jobs with people. Diversity is our core value

What We Stand For

Resource Giant!!!


Centre For International Excellence (CFIE) is an educational and professional resource giant! Established in 2019, CFIE is a not-for -profit organization providing solutions to resource dilemma’s that hinders progress. We provide resources needed to drive educational and professional accomplishments. CFIE works with individuals and organizations within the community to organize resources; connect diverse populations to individual experts or organizations with the capacity to harness and develop their skills; and create a pathway for educational and professional advancement. We serve as a hub for the educational and professional resources needed for growth and advancement of diverse populations. Everyone is blessed with unique talents and skills that must be harnessed for continuous growth and development.

Our Vision in Progress

Youth Coaching

A program that connects youth ages 13 to 28 with a career coach

Diversity Awareness

A tailored, practical, action-oriented diversity training

Women in Need

Multi-phased Women’s Leadership Training Experience

Our Team Of Professionals

At CFIE, we believe that, the best way to serve is to become the most authentic, most powerful, most courageous version of yourself and to share the truth of who you are along with your unique gifts and talents with the world. Our goal is to create a resource center that guides and supports diverse people to increase their potentials in extraordinary ways and prepare them to participate fully in society.

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