Post-Secondary Recruitment

Launch or advance your career by applying to federal public service opportunities for college and university graduates in a broad range of fields in departments across the country. For more information, please click here

Federal Student Work Experience Program

Recruitment of Policy Leaders

Launch a stimulating and fulfilling career in the federal public service. Become a policy leader, and help shape public policies on the most challenging issues of the day. Successful candidates work in any number of unique policy jobs that put their skills to the test.

Want to drive innovation and economic growth in the new digital economy? Build on Canada’s leadership on the environment and climate change? Develop creative solutions to the social policy issues of the day? These are just a few of the areas where Recruitment of Policy Leaders participants are making a difference. A unique and challenging public sector career is calling.

Are you ready?

Become a policy leader

As a successful applicant, you’ll join a pool of talented and accomplished professionals, academics, scientists and thinkers. Here are some advantages of the program:

  • you’ll be assigned a mentor to help you network and guide you through the job search and hiring process
  • you’ll be part of a professional network that thrives on challenges and is eager to tackle Canada’s most critical public policy questions
  • you’ll have access to orientation sessions and regular social events, connecting you to other successful candidates and learning opportunities

Selected candidates join the public service in intermediate level roles, typically as senior policy analysts. Salaries could range from $81,858 to $119,962. For more information, click here

How the 2019 federal budget impacts post-secondary students

Released Tuesday, the federal government’s annual budget for 2019 announced several investments impacting post-secondary students across Canada, including Indigenous students, graduate students and students with permanent disabilities.

Here is a breakdown of……….More